Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Today, we learn that our wonderful Environment Secretary - yes, Environment Secretary - is to give British farmers permission to use a substance called Neonocotonoids. This substance is banned from use across Europe because of it's devastating effect on the bee population. That's bad enough. Even worse is the fact that it goes against a wide range of professional advice. Those professionals have been ordered by the Department of the Environment NOT TO PUBLISH THEIR FINDINGS! The discussions were conducted behind closed doors. I'm beginning to wonder whether I have been transported from Great Britain to some other far flung dictatorship. Almost two thirds of those people who voted at last May's General election DID NOT vote for Cameron's government, yet they say they have an overwhelming mandate for the things they are doing. They haven't. If you agree with my sentiments, please join me in getting news like this around. And keep coming back to this site to discover more despicable activities of this atrocious government. Thanks for your support.

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