Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Peace and Happiness

I would like to wish you peace and happiness at this time of year. No matter who you are, which religion you follow – or none, regardless of age, gender or race, this is the time of year when we wish each other well. If you believe in prayer, then pray; if you don’t, then consider very carefully who to support in the running of your country. In my opinion, the politicians who have ruled our world over the last few years, whilst I’m sure acting with the very best of intentions, have created a world that is much more unstable than it was before. They have taken upon themselves, often without the support of the people, to interfere with the business of other countries around the world, encouraging and supporting uprisings and changing regimes. If we look at these countries, in every case, the situation is worse than it was before. War lords and rebels are fighting each other, often in the name of their religion whilst hundreds of thousands of innocent people have and are being killed. If our leaders must get involved is such things, then for God’s sake think through the consequences. Don’t just start something and walk away. Just look at the situations that have been created by our involvements. Supporting rebels is one thing, but creating a power vacuum where organisations like Al Qaeda can infiltrate the country is doing nobody any good. So, let us begin to speak out – let our leaders know that we are not impressed. That is, of course, if our ‘democracy’ allows us such a privilege. In the UK there is a ‘Gagging Law’ being put to parliament, which if passed will mean that freedom of speech will be substantially reduced in our country. Let them know that crimes such as sex trafficking, especially of children must be stopped. Tell them that people should not be living below the poverty line. If enough people speak out with one mind, then they must listen. If they don’t, then warn them that they might be looking for a new job. Let’s do something this year instead of merely wish each other Peace and Happiness. The power is in our hands.

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