Thursday, 3 January 2013

Hi, I'm Katie. Our author, Glyn Smith-Wild has said that we should post some snippets from the books which feature us. This is on the night Dave and I returned from our honeymoon:

They went to bed early that evening. Once they were cuddled up together in bed, Dave was aware of Katie giggling, her whole body shaking, and then her laughing so much that at one point he thought she was going to choke.
‘What's so funny?’ he asked her.
‘I was just remembering the last day of our holiday in that field,’she replied, tears of laughter running down her face.
Katie had been determined to find somewhere where they could have sex al fresco, something before now she had not managed to experience. They had driven miles around country lanes until they found a location which they both thought looked suitable.
They found themselves in the narrowest of lanes so they had parked the car and made their way through a wide gate into a field which seemed to be far enough away from roads and footpaths for their needs.
They had crossed the field to the far side, where the field sloped away. Secluded by a hedge, Katie laid a blanket on the ground and after minimal foreplay, stripped off and made love with the sun shining down on them.
What they didn't know was that just the other side of the hedge was where a group of fourteen and fifteen year old schoolboys were dropped off after school athletics. As the boys alighted from their bus they were aware of something happening on the other side of the hedge.
Drawn by the squeals of delight emanating from Katie as she rode Ben cowboy style, first one and then the whole group went over to the hedge from where they could see everything going on.
When the pair reached their noisy climax, there were hearty cheers from the boys.
The couple had calmly dressed, gathered up their things, and walked nonchalantly back to their car where they had collapsed in a heap of laughter.
‘Well, that should help them with their biology,’ Katie had said.

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