Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Almost there! 'Repercussions' is on course for release on December 12th.
"What sets this apart from other books of a similar genre is the exacting details as offered by Smith-Wild and the subsequent way in which the reader is thoroughly engaged in the escapades of this threesome. Ben is clearly not only protector to Mary, but also has a vested interest in digging deep to the bottom of what motivates Donald. His rival is interested in Mary not just for pure and romantic reasons, but she is integral to a larger plot that Donald has hatched via his diamond dealings. In fact, Donald is confident that Mary knows a bit too much about his illicit transactions and thus she must be dealt with appropriately. The character development in this book extrapolates and builds upon what was written in Smith-Wild’s prior book, “Sanctuary”. The characters are given more depth and intricacies, even as the reader learns more about the drive, history and psyche of each key character. Nevertheless, it is entirely possible to read “Repercussions” as a stand-alone book separate from the series and still be completely enthralled by the compelling plotline, which extends to South Africa." WATCH THIS SPACE!

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