Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Hi, I'm Katie. If you've read 'Sanctuary' you'll know a lot about me already. (If you haven't read 'Sanctuary', why not? It's getting great reviews from people who have.)
Anyway, I've got a bit of a problem. Since Ben rescued me from my kidnappers, I've been living at his cottage in France 'La Sanctuaire' - you see now where 'Sanctuary' got it's title.
Recently I had to come back to England for my husband's funeral, but the least said the better about that.
Now I don't know whether to stay in the UK or to return to France. It was easy until the other day. I had no doubt I would go back. I love life in France.
But the other night I was taken out by my ex-husband's cousin, Adrian. I first met him at my wedding and made a bit of a fool of myself with him - yes, on my wedding day! Well, it was a lovely evening, and we ended up in bed together. Typical me. I've really fallen for him, and now I don't know whether to stay here (merely because of Adrian) or go back to a life that I know I love.
My author says it's my decision, but it's so hard to decide. What do you think, readers? My author says it's an important part of the new book 'Repercussions'.


TallCatRob said...

Go back to France!

Anonymous said...

Go back to France and ask Ben & Mary to help you see your own worth. Then you will truly be able to choose your future.
Make sure you have a passport this time ;-)