Tuesday, 6 September 2011


My name is Glyn Smith.
I am the author of a novel called 'Sanctuary'.
The purpose of this blog is to track the progress of my attempts to self-publish my book.
I am using CreateSpace, a subsidiary of Amazon, as my publisher.
Some problems have already arisen. Because I am in the UK, and because CreateSpace only print their books in the US, I will have to pay international carriage charges whenever I order books for book-signings etc. Also, they do not distribute to UK wholesalers such as Waterstones or W H Smiths. 
This, in turn, means that I will almost certainly have to get my own ISBN number so that I, as the registered publisher, can distribute to whoever I wish.
If you have had any dealings with CreateSpace, I would like to hear from you. This blog is being linked to my website www.otter2000.com which is a 'help' site for new writers, so that visitors to the site can see how my publishing is progressing.

Sept 7: Have now created the manuscript in PDF format and uploaded it to CreateSpace.

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Daron Henson said...

@ Glyn - Thank you for this article. The more information on the business side of writing the better. I noticed that you haven't updated for a while. It would probably be good to write articles and essays regularly to develop a following.